GENERAL TERMS and Conditions

Betting Company

Betting Company – a website (Almabet) that allows customers to place bets on sporting events online;

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program – a marketing agency that brings new visitors to a website with the help of affiliate advertising;


Affiliate – a webmaster (an individual or a company) that meets the conditions of the Affiliate Program at ALMABET.PARTNERS, delivers new customers and in doing so promotes ALMABET.PARTNERS brands.


Players – the Betting Company's customers who have registered after following an affiliate link.


Earnings – an amount, earned by an Affiliate as a commission from the profit generated by the players brought by that Affiliate;


Profit – this is calculated as the total amount of a player's stakes excluding their winnings and admin fee .

Payment Period

Payment Period – a time period during which an Affiliate’s earnings become available for withdrawal to external payment systems;


Payout – a transfer of the Affiliate's earnings from the Affiliate Program account to an account in an external payment system;

Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials – a set of tools for the online promotion of ALMABET.PARTNERS company online.


GGR - gross gaming revenue. It's a measure of all the money generated by player losses in a certain time period. It's calculated by subtracting player winnings from the total amount wagered. It has a simple formula: total bets minus total wins. If we compare an online and an offline casino, the GGR is equal to ‘gross revenue’, rather than to ‘profit’. It shows the amount of money that stays with the casino as a result of players’ losses before paying for any of the expenses (bonuses, game providers, international and local transaction fees, taxes and other operational expenses).


NGR- net gaming revenue, shows how much the casino earns after all of the expenses are paid. Expenses can include: bonuses (i.e. not real money that players still use to make bets), commissions payable to payment systems, royalty fees payable to game content providers, commissions payable to affiliate partners, recurring online gaming license fees, taxes, etc.


ADMIN FEE - ebonuses (i.e. not real money that players still use to make bets), commissions payable to payment systems, royalty fees payable to game content providers,, recurring online gaming license fees, taxes, etc The admin fee also depends on the gaming vertical. For example, casino, sports and e-sports can have different admin fees. We do not charge the international and local payments transaction fees to affiliates or agents because we want you to make as much profit as possible!

Rake In Cockfighting

Rake In Cockfighting - example: the total valid bets is from side A is 5000 $ USD and 5000 $ USD from side B, meaning the total is 10 000 $ USD, so we, as an operator, are going charge the X %. Let’s take 15% as an example. In this case we, as a platform, are going to take 1500 $ USD from the side that wins. The $5000 from the side that loses will be transferred to the side that wins.


NGR/Deposits is a measure of how much revenue is raised from the deposits made. Obviously, the higher the rate-the better.


Bets/Deposits – thisis the rate of circulation of deposited money in the games. High bets/deposits means that the casino has given out too many bonuses.
In short, money-related KPIs indicate the state the casino is in: whether it’s making profit or not, or whether it’s generating revenue or not.


They are called “hybrid” because they are used to connect money metrics and people-related indicators.

Cost per Acquisition

The first one is called Cost per Acquisition, or CPA. It reflects the amount of money it costs to get one player to sign up and deposit. For example, if you spend $10,000 on your marketing campaign and generate 100 first-time depositors (FTDs). The CPA here is $100 per each acquired player. $10,000/100 FTDs=$100.

Different marketing channels and promotion methods will result in different CPA values. This makes the key difference, because thousands of players with high CPAs can bring the casino the same profit as a couple of hundred easily acquired ones.

Average Revenue per User

Average Revenue per User (ARPU), or CPA shows how much an average player brings to the casino and is usually measured per month. We calculate the ARPU by dividing the casino’s revenue for a given month by the number of active players during that same month.


To improve on the parameters mentioned above, the casino needs to understand the KPIs that are relation to active or potential players.

Conversion Rate

To improve on the parameters mentioned above, the casino needs to understand the KPIs that are relation to active or potential players.

Number 1 - Visit to registration %= % of people who signed up as players to everyone who visited the website.

Number 2 - In its broadest sense, conversion rate is a proportion of people that behaved the way you wanted (e.g. clicked on your advertisement) to the total number of people who had a chance to do so (e.g. all people who saw the ad). For an online casino we can define two types of conversion rates.

Conversion rate 1: Visit to registration = % of people who signed up as players among all those that visited the website.

Low conversion rate means that there’s something wrong with the quality of traffic you bring to the site. It might also mean that the design of your website needs to be worked on or it needs to be made more user-friendly.

Conversion rate 2: Registration to deposit = % of all registered players who made an FTD.

This ratio is very important, especially if you give away free spins of bonuses for registration, before a player actually makes an FTD.

Customer Lifetime Value

Player Lifetime Value (LTV) tells us how much revenue a player brings to the casino throughout their entire stay with the website. Increasing player LTV is tha aim of any online casino’s marketing efforts. To increase the LTV, casinos must achieve higher customer lifetime, meaning that the player has to want to come back for more, and a higher average order value, which in our case is the mean revenue per gaming session.

We calculate player LTV by multiplying the monthly ARPU by the average playing lifetime in months. This is quite difficult, because “player lifetime” is tricky to calculate, especially if the casino hasn’t launched too long ago. A widespread technique used to calculate “Player Lifetime” is called cohort analysis. There are lots of posts on this online.

Churn Rate

Churn Rate (CR) is sometimes called the Attrition Rate. Unfortunately for all casinos, players tend to move from site to site in search of new emotions, goodes, free spins and bonuses. The churn rate shows the proportion of players who discontinued playing at the casino to active players from a specified period. A low CR rate is a good indicator of a casino that is performing well and has a great retention strategy. Players are loyal to the casino and keep coming back for more.

Let’s sum up.. all KPIs in the iGaming business are inter-connected and crucial for the analysis of casino performance.


1. Prior to joining the Affiliate Program as an Affiliate, you undertake to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program.

2. The Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program may change. In this event the Affiliate will be notified by email.

3. Only persons over 18 years of age can participate in the Affiliate Program.

4. An Affiliate is fully responsible for the safety of their personal data including username and password. ALMABET.PARTNERS bears no responsibility for the loss of personal data.

5. ALMABET.PARTNERS is entitled to decline any Affiliate application to join the Affiliate Program, and ALMABET.PARTNERS is under no obligation to explain the reason for the rejection.

6. Affiliate ALMABET.PARTNERS is entitled to make amendments to the existing Terms and Conditions. The existing Terms and Conditions are the Terms and Conditions displayed on the Affiliate Program website at the moment. It is impossible to trace the history of revisions. Should the terms of the Affiliate Program be amended, Affiliates will be notified by the email address provided by them at the time of registration.

7. Users of the Affiliate Program will be provided with visual promotional materials (without text). Affiliates are allowed to use the website information in a variety of ways.

8. Affiliates are not permitted to use unsolicited email (spam) and Click-under and Pop-under ads for ALMABET.PARTNERS advertising without prior approval from the Affiliate Program team. Affiliates are not permitted to use contextual advertising containing the ALMABET.PARTNERS brand name, or to create websites, whose domain names contain the ALMABET.PARTNERS brand name. It is also not permitted to create websites, whereby the main content is nothing more than SEO-optimized articles, with the primary purpose of acquiring branded traffic from search engines. In the event such sources of traffic are identified, the Affiliate’s Account will be closed and all the earnings will be canceled.

9. The use of 'cookie stuffing' techniques by Affiliates is prohibited: - the opening of ALMABET.PARTNERS website in iframe with sides of zero length or in an invisible zone; - adding tags, cookie scripts and other similar actions. Should an Affiliate violate these Terms and Conditions, their personal account will be blocked and deleted.

10. Only one registration in the Affiliate Program is allowed per participant. Repeat registration as a sub-affiliate is strictly forbidden.

11. An Affiliate is prohibited to register their personal player account with the betting company via their own affiliate link. Affiliates are also prohibited from colluding with other players.

12. An Affiliate is required to provide full disclosure of the traffic sources and ways in which he/she will promote the ALMABET.PARTNERS Betting Company. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to ensure that the ALMABET.PARTNERS Betting Company is promoted and marketed in the responsible way that protects the brand's integrity, image rights. In the case of any deceitful information provided by the Affiliate or promotion that is damaging to our brand, the Affiliate Program at its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate agreement and confiscate all of the earnings.


An Affiliate's earnings are not fixed. They depend on the revenue generated for the betting company from the players who have registered after following the Affiliate link.

Players marked as fraudulent, bonus abusers or which will self-exclude will not be considered qualified for the CPA, Hybrid and Revshare reward; In the event of a Chargeback received against or issuance of credit to a Customer, that Customer will be discounted for the purpose of the CPA Plan.


The Affiliate can get his commission fees once a month (until the 15th of each month for the previous month) but only if payment details were preliminarily agreed with the manager and also if earned funds exceeded the minimal amount of $100 required for withdrawal. If the Affiliate does not have such a sum, his money will be automatically transferred to the next period and it will repeat until the necessary sum is accumulated.

ALMABET.PARTNERS Affiliate Programme has the right to delay payments to the Affiliates for the period up to 2 months in the case of unforeseen technical failures on the part of the Affiliate Programme and when required to check the Affiliate and the source of his traffic.


Affiliate Program participants can challenge any issues, and ALMABET.PARTNERS will consider all concerns when the evidence and reasons are provided. They should be sent to the email address of the Affiliate Program Support Team. Complaints and requests will be reviewed within 14 days of the date of receiving the correspondence about the dispute, and the Affiliate will be notified of the outcome. The use of swear words, insults and false information in the correspondence is forbidden.